HA03 5x12V Series 60V Battery Equalizer 


10A Battery Equalizer, 5 x 12V battery

HA03 battery balancer is used in series connected battery packs to maintain the charge and discharge balance between each battery. During the operation of series connected batteries, due to differences in the chemical composition and temperature of the battery cells, there may be differences in the charge and discharge of the two batteries Even when the battery is idle, different degrees of self discharge can cause imbalance between batteries connected in series.


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①Advanced technology
②High precision chips reduce component deviations
③Simple wiring and low power consumption
④Ultra-fast balance speed
⑤Supports the combination of multiple modules
⑥Flame retardant shell facilitates customer installation
⑦Suitable for 5 series of 12V lead-acid batteries or lithium battery packs


Model No HA03
Battery nominal voltage 5 x 12V
Optimizing current 0-10A
Quiescent current <7mA
Under voltage lock out 1.8V
Protection Reverse polarity protection
Dimensions 62x153x27mm 
weight 0.6kg
Extend connect wire 16awg 80cm with M8 ring


① >> 5 tips before connect battery equalizer

①. Fully charge the battery,it is important.
②. Using the same type of battery
③. Use batteries of the same old and new condition
④.Same battery capacity within the battery group
⑤.Voltage difference of each battery is less than 0.2V

② >> Proper use of plastic sheaths for wiring terminals

①. The red wire connect the positive pole of battery,the black wire connect the negative pole.
②. Connect the multiple batteries in the above manner.
③. Dispose unused battery wires to avoid short circuits.

Please read the instruction manual before installing the device! before connect the battery equalizer,please confirm the positive and negative poles of the battery pack to avoid the short circuit and reverse connection between the battery equalizer terminal.

③ >> Installation drawings

5 x 12V battery

5pcs battery Series connect

10 x 12V battery

10pcs battery, 2xParallel 5xSeries

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